The AMP CAMP will take new hobbyists through the process of assembling, configuring, and installing the necessary components to create a fully-functioning, hobby-grade, remote control (R/C) AMP MT vehicle. Attendees will explore ‘best practices’ for building, testing, and operating their vehicle in a safe and effective manner. Participants will also be provided expert tips and techniques in maintaining their vehicle to maximize the potential for years of R/C fun and enjoyment.

RECOMENDED AGE: 10-14 years old (other ages welcome with Instructor approval)
COST: $275 
     ♦  AMP Monster Truck (MT) Kit
     ♦  Instruction and materials
     ♦ AMP Camp T-Shirt
     ♦  Building the Steering Electronics
     ♦  Building the Front Suspension
     ♦  Building the Front Steering
     ♦  Building the Rear Suspension
     ♦  Building the Drivetrain 
     ♦  Finishing the Suspension
     ♦  Building the Chassis Attachments
     ♦  Building the Power Electronics
     ♦  Building the Rear Suspension
     ♦  Finishing the Kit
     ♦  Finishing the Body Shell
     ♦  Configuring the Remote Control (R/C) System
     ♦  Testing the R/C Vehicle Operation
Participants must be able to attend all Class Sessions. In the event of an unexpected absence, participants are encouraged to complete the missed assignments prior to attending the next Class. Although participants will be required to complete missed tasks independently, Tracks Crew will provide in-house assistance as needed.