Endurance Races

Are you ready for the ultimate racing challenge? Assemble your race teams and join us for our next quarterly TWO HOUR, Mini-Z R/C endurance race of fun, excitement, laughs, and plenty of action!  

WHEN:  Next race event will be held in January 2019.

COST:  $20 (per Team)

CLASSES:  Stock / Pro-Stock / Modified / Open


*Racers that enroll at least 24 hours prior to the deadline will receive a free raffle ticket.



  • All drivers must be registered prior to the race; no driver additions/subtractions allowed!
  • 1 car per Team; 2nd car (of same Class) may be swapped in – just one time only!
  • All cars must meet standard Class technical requirements
  • Cars cannot change class mid-race!
  • 1 – 5 drivers allowed per Team (3 drivers are recommended!)
  • Team drivers cannot drive for another Team
  • Team drivers can pit for another Team
  • 3 or more race Teams make a Class!
  • Lap accumulations will not be altered/split if transponder does not work
  • Failure to follow the race rules may result in a disqualification
  • No refunds provided once the race schedule commences!

PRIZE(S) will be awarded to the WINNING TEAM (i.e. the Team with the most laps) in each Class!