PN North American Race Event - Race Rules

The 2019 PN North American Championship Rules will be posted here once they are solidified. Until then, please reference the 2018 PN Racing Rules for the general guidelines.

NEW for the 2019 Championship will the addition of a Kyosho BOX STOCK class. This class is intended for Mini-Z racers at the beginner level. Drivers who register for this class will not be allowed to register for any additional classes.

MOTOR: Kyosho MZ9P, MD009P
CHASSIS: Kyosho MR03S, MR03S2, MR03-RWD, MR03-FWD, MR03-AWD
WHEELS: Kyosho or PN Plastic Wheels, Front = 8.5mm, Max. Rear 11mm; all rim offsets must fit inside the body.
TIRES: Kyosho or PN rubber tire only; No Silicone Tires (Carpet Tire), No Foam Tires, No traction compounds.
ELECTRONICS: Kyosho original board from RTR; NO modification of any kind!
TRANSMITTER: Kyosho original transmitter from RTR.
GEAR RATIO: Kyosho or PN 6-9T Pinion with Stock Gear Differential.
WHEELBASE: 90mm to 98mm.
BODY: Kyosho original body; all accessories must be original from that body, limited wheel clearance modifications allowed.
BATTERIES: Peak Racing or PN Racing 900mh AAA NiMH only!
OPTION PARTS: Kyosho Ball Bearings, Kyosho or PN T-Plates only!