You are welcome to email [email protected] at anytime to place an order for pickup or (shipped) delivery.  To aid us in helping you get what you need, please adhere to the following protocol when ordering via email:

STEP 1:  Type up your initial email to include the following information:

a.) In the subject line, please note that you are placing an order for (1) in-store pickup or (2) for shipping.

b.) Make sure to include your name and contact number somewhere in the email.

c.) Include either (1) a detailed list of product descriptions and their part numbers or (2) as many details as you can to describe what you need.

STEP 2:  Send us your email and wait for our response.  Please note that we are processing orders as quick as we can, but this could take up to a business day.

STEP 3:  We will respond to your email, on a case-by-case basis.  Some exchanges will be quick, others will require back-and-forth correspondence.

STEP 4:  When your order is finalized, we will email you to say that we are ready for payment.

STEP 5:  Call the store DURING REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS to process your credit card payment or to receive communication about providing your payment information.  

STEP 6:  Once you pay for your order, you will receive an email copy of your receipt. Your order will then be ready for in-store pickup or shipping.

STEP 7: Pickup your order during our regular business Hours or wait to receive your order if it is being shipped to you.

NOTES: In some cases, we may set up a PayPal invoice to process out-of-state orders and other unique situations. If you fail to respond to our emails or call the store to process your payment, items will not be held for more than 48 hours!