This is a 2 1/2 hour class-style party for older racers (10+ years old), who are interested in building their very own Tamiya cars from scratch! Unlike the Tamiya Trainee Party, guests at a Build Party will have more time in the classroom to explore the build process. If you guests are ready to go all in, this package might be just your speed! Packages includes the following, for up to nine (9) party guests:

        * Party Invitations to notify your guests of the big event!  (Note: must be picked up at Tracks)
        * A Tracks Crew Member to do all the 'transmitting' during the party
        * A Tracks Party Instructor to help guide your guests through the building process
        * Tamiya Mini-4WD vehicle kits for each participant   
        * Batteries to power each assembled kit
        * A fun exclusive Party-Race on the 3-lane Tamiya Track
        * Approximately 30 minutes of exclusive use of the party room 
        * Party Hardware (paper goods) 
        * A Track Pass to come back and run their car on the Tamiya track at a later date 
        * Ability to customize your party with various add-ons and upgrades  
** Additional guests are $15 each (max is 12, without accommodations)
** $100 deposit required to book date. Balance due immediately following party.