Tamiya Party STEP 2 - Racing

After all your party guests have completed building their Tamiya Car, everyone will head off to the Raceway for some racing fun.  

Your dedicated Tracks Hobbies Crew Member will conduct a series of races, much like that of an official Tamiya race.  The twist?  There is not an emphasis on winning.  Rather, your guests will be encouraged to have fun and enjoy watching their Tamiya car whirl around the 3-lane track!

This Racing Step is typically 30 minutes, but your party guests are welcome to bring their Tamiya cars back to the Raceway for more racing fun after your party room celebration! 

If your guests want to return a different day, we would love to see them.  They will receive a Tracks Pass at the party, so the first time the come back, there is no cost.  If they become regulars at Tracks Hobbies, Raceway Admission (for the Tamiya Track only) is only $3.50 per day!  

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