Tamiya Super-Stock Build Class

Interested in building a Tamiya Mini-4WD vehicle that can successfully compete in the Super Stock class? JOIN THE CLUB! A Tracks Hobbies crew member will guide you though the build and give you expert tips on tuning and upgrading your vehicle during this 3-day session class!  It's all about having fun with friends, while you exploring STEM concepts that help you increase speed and performance.
RECOMMENDED AGE: 9-15 years old (other ages welcome)
COST: $85 
     ♦  Your pick of selected MS or MA Chassis Mini-4WD vehicle kits to build and upgrade throughout the class.
     ♦  An upgrade kit to transform to Super Stock!  Kit includes: FRP plates, mass dampers, and rollers.
     ♦  An allowance to purchase additional upgrade parts to create your personalized Super Stock Vehicle (i.e., motors, plates, bearings, rollers, brakes, etc.).
     ♦  Tamiya Track access for the month, during all Public Raceway hours.
     ♦  Super Stock Registration for the Tracks Tamiya Mini-4WD Race on April 21st.
     DAY 1:  Building your Box Stock Car.  
     DAY 2:  Advanced Upgrading, Tuning & Practicing.
     DAY 3:  Installing your Super Stock Upgrade Kit (FRP plates, mass dampers, and rollers).