Customers must be at least 18 years old to rent equipment from Tracks Hobbies. Minors, over the age of eight (8), may operate rental equipment under direct adult supervision.  No operator shall be under eight (8) years of age.  At Tracks Hobbies discretion, minors over the age of fifteen (15) may be allowed to rent equipment if they have a Minor Release of Liability Form completed by an adult already registered in Tracks Hobbies system.

Prior to renting equipment, customers are required to provide Tracks Hobbies with (1) photo identification (2) contact information (3) a signed Rental Agreement Form and (4) a signed Raceway Liability Waiver Form.



Tracks Hobbies rental equipment must be used on the premises.  If rental equipment is removed from Tracks Hobbies, it will be considered an act of theft and handled as such.

Rental equipment shall only be used as intended.  Tracks Hobbies has the right to terminate the Rental Period at any time, if property is being misused.  No refunds will be provided and future rental privileges may be terminated.  

Tracks Hobbies equipment is rented on a pre-established hourly rate.  The Rental Period begins when the equipment is distributed to the customer at the Rental Window.  I agree to return all rental equipment before or promptly at the end of the Rental Period.  If I fail to return the equipment within 10 minutes of the Rental Period end time, I understand that I will be liable for lost rental time incurred as a direct result of this policy violation.  As such, I agree to pay Tracks Hobbies for an additional rental hour, plus a $10 inconvenience fee.  Should I be interested in extending my rental agreement, I will confirm its availability prior to the end of my original Rental Period.

Tracks Hobbies equipment may not be altered in any way by the Renter.  I understand that I will be held responsible for any damage beyond normal wear and tear.  Shall equipment be returned damaged, missing parts or altered upon its return, I agree to pay Tracks Hobbies for repair costs or equipment replacement costs.

If Tracks Hobbies discovers that the rental equipment has been damaged or has parts missing after the rental equipment has been returned and the Renter leaves the premises, the Renter still agrees pay for all repairs.   Renter may also be liable for lost rental time incurred in repairing damaged equipment.

I agree to assume all risks in connection with the use of the equipment, whether foreseen or unforeseen and whether or not caused by the fault or negligence of Tracks Hobbies and/or its employees.  I also agree to release Tracks Hobbies and/or its employees from all liability for any harm, injury or damage, which may befall myself or the equipment that I rent.  I also agree to indemnify and save and hold harmless Tracks Hobbies and/or its employees from any claim by me, my family, estate, heirs, assigns or any third party arising out of my rental of the equipment.


CANCELATIONS AND REFUNDS.  After the Rental Period has commenced, Tracks Hobbies does not provide refunds for rental equipment.  If rental equipment is not performing as expected, replacement equipment will be provided for the duration of the rental period.


VALID DATES.  This agreement is only valid for the date indicated below.


I hereby acknowledge that I have received, understand and agree to all of the terms set forth in this Tracks Hobbies R/C Equipment Rental Agreement.   

Renter’s Printed Name: ________________________________________Date: ________________

Signature: _______________________________________________________________   

Revised, July 2017