Event Registration



However, you may still purchase Group Dinner Tickets(scroll to bottom of this page)

You do not need to be a registered driver in order to attend the Group Dinner.

(For registration results, please see:  Driver STATS)

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Please Note: 16 registrations (per PN 2019 guidelines) are required to conduct each class! Upon the close of registration, if we do not have enough registrations to conduct your class, we will close that class, refund your payment, and offer the class(es) that WILL be conducted for an extended Registration period. Please register ASAP to ensure your class has the best chance of being conducted!

Please submit a unique Order (i.e. Transaction) for each Registrant (i.e. Racer) in your group! For example, if you are registering for 2 people, please create 2 User Accounts (1 for each Racer), and make 2 complete registration purchases using the online system.

With each Registration, please be sure to add:

  1. TYPE and QUANTITY of Race Class(es)
  2. QUANTITY of (optional) Group Dinner Ticket(s)
  3. TYPE and SIZE of (free) T-Shirt

Please note, if you register for BOX STOCK CLASS, you may not register for additional classes!

For additional fees, you may also add extra:

  • T-Shirts
  • Group Dinner Tickets