Some repairs and/or upgrade installations are quick and can be done while you wait, assuming staff are available.  However, due to the nature of the business, we cannot guarantee that this service will be available when you are on-site.   


Soldering (>19guage wire) $2.50/Wire
Soldering (<19guage wire) $5/Wire
Transponder Install $5/Each
Re-Grease (Slot Car) $5/Each
Diagnose/Install/Repair (Slot Car) $5/15min
Diagnose/Install/Repair (R/C Car) $10/15min


Tracks Hobbies does not guarantee all repairs will be completed immediately. Repairs initiated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Service times will be billed in 15-minute periods. Any additional minutes will be billed as an additional period. Tracks Hobbies, Inc. warranties all repairs at the time of delivery only. Pick-up terminates service warranty. Signature confirms customer agrees to Tracks Hobbies, Inc. ‘Quick Repair Services’ policies.