R/C REPAIR AGREEMENT (Terms and Conditions)



At Tracks Hobbies, we understand that you value your equipment investment and want all caution and care to be considered and exercised when handling repairs.  We also understand that you would rather be utilizing your equipment and hope any repairs will be executed as quickly as possible.

Rest assured, Tracks Hobbies is committed to provide the best repair service in the least amount of time – and at the least cost possible.  As a result, we hope to service your equipment repair needs now and in the future.

However, to maintain the best possible working relationship, customers are strongly encouraged to read all conditions of this R/C Repair Agreement prior to the agreement of any repair request or submission.  Failure to adhere to the guidelines listed in this policy may result in legal action and/or termination of future business opportunities with Tracks Hobbies, Inc.



Customers must be at least 18 years old to initiate equipment repairs from Tracks Hobbies.

Prior to executing an equipment repair, customers are required to provide Tracks Hobbies with (1) photo (with age) identification (2) 2 forms of contact information and (3) this signed R/C Repair Agreement form.

Tracks Hobbies will make all attempts to repair equipment on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, some repairs are easier and/or less timely to perform than others.  As such, Tracks Hobbies does not guarantee that any repair will be performed in any order.

Tracks Hobbies equipment is repaired on a pre-established, hourly and/or service-type rate(s).  Customers may refer to the Repair Service Form for details. Repair time is scheduled and managed exclusively by the Tracks Hobbies repair technician(s) and is subject to change. 

Customers may contact Tracks Hobbies to receive a repair update at any time.  However, any update communicated by Tracks Hobbies to a customer is subject to change.

Upon equipment pick-up, customers are strongly encouraged to test the equipment repaired.  Tracks Hobbies will not be liable for the function of any equipment after it has been delivered to the customer.




If equipment (scheduled and/or undergoing repair) is removed from Tracks Hobbies without authorization, it will be considered an act of theft and handled as such.


Tracks Hobbies will be responsible for all verified “stock” equipment that is checked in for repair.  “Stock” equipment refers to any standard part or equipment that exists within a commonly-stocked vehicle kit (of similar make and model) and is typically provided by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) as standard equipment for the vehicle being repaired.

Tracks Hobbies will also be responsible for all verifiable “stock replacement” equipment that is purchased at Tracks Hobbies (at the time of said repair) with the intent for Tracks Hobbies to install within or upon the vehicle. “Stock replacement” equipment refers to any standard part or equipment that is used to replace a part or equipment (of similar make and model) and is typically provided or recommended by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or trusted aftermarket part manufacturer as standard replacement equipment for the vehicle being repaired.

Tracks Hobbies will only be responsible for the replacement of equipment at the current “stock” value, as indicated by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).


Tracks Hobbies will not be held responsible for the replacement and/or working condition of any “non-stock” (i.e. upgrade, option, aftermarket, etc.) part or equipment - that was not purchased at Tracks Hobbies - seen or unseen!

To fully protect their investment, customers are strongly encouraged to remove any “non-stock” part or equipment from their vehicle – prior to repair submission.  “Non-stock” equipment refers to any non-standard, new or replacement part or equipment that was not purchased at Tracks Hobbies and may have been installed upon or within the vehicle after an OEM purchase was made. For additional clarity, please refer to the explanation of “stock” equipment mentioned above.

To ensure customer satisfaction with Tracks Hobbies repair services and to maintain the best overall working relationship, customers are strongly encouraged to identify and itemize in writing (with a verifiable value for each part or piece of equipment) any “non-stock” equipment that exits on their vehicle at the time of repair submission. In good faith, Tracks Hobbies will make every effort to return all “non-stock” parts or equipment to the customer. 

However, as Tracks Hobbies maintains no liability for “non-stock” parts or equipment left in the care of Tracks Hobbies, Tracks Hobbies will not be responsible for the customer’s inability or failure to identify and/or itemize any “non-stock” parts or equipment included with a vehicle submitted for repair.



Upon completion of a scheduled repair or service termination, Tracks Hobbies will make 1 attempt to inform the customer. The customer will then have 7 days (from date of notification) to pick-up the equipment. This timeframe is referred to as the R/C Equipment Pick-Up Period. If a customer cannot be reached, Tracks Hobbies will make additional attempts (within reason) to contact the customer. If Tracks Hobbies is unable to contact the customer after 24 hours, the R/C Equipment Pick-Up Period will begin.


Any equipment left beyond the R/C Repair Pick-Up Period will be put in Equipment Storage and charged a $10.00/per month penalty. Customers must pay any repair fees + applicable Equipment Storage penalties before they can pick-up their equipment. Rights to any equipment left beyond 90 days will be forfeited by the customer and will become the property of Tracks Hobbies.


A customer may cancel a repair service at any time. However, all service time already commenced and recorded for a scheduled repair must be paid by the customer prior to picking up the equipment. Tracks Hobbies does not provide refunds for partially or fully repaired equipment.

Tracks Hobbies reserves the right to terminate any repair, at any time, for any reason!