With regular maintenance, your R/C vehicle will run better and last longer. Tracks Hobbies technicians are experts in electric R/C vehicles and can help you detect anything that needs to be fixed or replaced. Schedule a tune-up and let Tracks Hobbies help you achieve maximum performance from your R/C vehicle!


Every tune-up includes our 10-Point inspection, plus our Standard Tune-Up Service. The 10-Point inspection will check for proper function of the following:

  • Bearings & Bushings
  • Body & Accessories
  • Chassis & Attachments
  • Differential Components
  • Driveline Components
  • Suspension & Steering
  • Motors & Electronics
  • Radio System and Batteries
  • Spur Gears and Pinion Gears
  • Tires & Wheels

Tracks Hobbies will provide an analysis from your 10-Point inspection, so you can schedule any additional repair or replacement services if necessary. Tune-Ups also include our Standard Service.


√  Transmitter and ESC Calibration. Is your vehicle not responding to the Transmitter? Are your electronics acting strange? Tune-Up’s include a re-calibration of your Transmitter and ESC to ensure maximum performance.

√  Shock Cleaning with Fluid Replacement. Is your vehicle not landing jumps like it used to?  Does it bottom-out or wipe-out too easily? Tune-Up’s include a cleaning and fluid replacement (using top-quality shock oil) of up to 4 shocks.

√  Motor Cleaning and Refreshing. Is your vehicle not as fast as it used to be? Does the motor make noises? Tune-Up’s include motor cleaning and rejuvenation with proper cleaning additives.

√  Tightening of Fasteners. Does your vehicle rattle or vibrate excessively? Tune-Up’s include tightening (with LocTite) or replacement* (if necessary) of worn fasteners.

√  Bearing/Bushing Cleaning and Lubrication. Does your vehicle make grinding or rubbing noises? Tune-Up’s include bearing/bushing cleaning or replacement* (if necessary) and re-install.

√  Steering (Camber & Toe) Re-Alignment. Does your vehicle not drive straight? Are the tires wearing too fast or inconsistently? Tune-Up’s include steering alignment and adjustments to linkage and other components.

√  Slipper Clutch Adjustment. Does your vehicle not accelerate like it used to? Does it make winding or grinding noises? Tune-Up’s include adjustments and replacements* (if necessary) to slipper clutch components.

√  Pinion and Spur Gear Adjustment. Does your gear box make loud noises? Tune-Up’s include gear mesh realignments or gear replacements* (if necessary).



1/24 Vehicles = $20.00 ECX Roost/Ruckus/Torment/Temper/Barrage
1/18 Vehicles = $30.00 LaTrax Teton/Rally/PreRunner
1/10 Vehicles - 2WD = $40.00 Traxxas Slash/Rustler/Bandit/Stampede, ECX AMP/Circuit/Ruckus/Torment
1/10 Vehicles - 4WD = $60.00 Traxxas Slash/Stampede, ECX Ruckus/Torment

*Costs of any Replacement Parts are not included in tune-up prices!



Differential Lubrication and/or Fluid Change = $5/$10/$15/$20
Soldering New Connectors = $5.00 each
Replace Additional Parts or Add Hop-Up Parts = Quote
Unlisted Vehicles or Additional Services = Quote